Perforated ScreensBatten Screens

Perforated Screens Provide A Visual Spark To Your Next Project.

Created from an aluminium sheet, these screens can be laser cut, punched perforations or cutouts; which can form patterns, and even pictures; providing you with a unique, elegant screen or screening system.

Decorate Your Place Your Way Whilst Providing Privacy.

Whether you need a screen for a structural purpose or for decoration, your screens can be plain or extreme in design, you have so many options to choose from.

You choose how much sunlight or vision you would like to filter.

Screens can help you with sun protection, ventilation, diffusing sound, segmenting off areas or just as an awesome design feature that makes your area pop.

Unleash Your Imagination – With So Many Design Options

Let your creativity wild with the unlimited variety of patterns, shapes and sizes, strength, versatility and functionality of perforated or batten screens. Which is why they are such a great idea to include in your new project.

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