Continuous Louvres

Architecturally Appealing – Continuous Louvres Are Highly Functional & Customisable.

We Supply and Install Maxim MC Extruded Louvre Systems in applications where a clean, continuous look is required.

Continuous Louvres For Any Shape Or Size

The Maxim Continuous Louvre is a non-retractable louvre, designed for external installations to horizontal, sloping, vertical or curved glazing; these louvres also work well in irregular shaped areas such as over gable ends or raking head windows and come in both fixed and adjustable options.

Reduce Heat By 90% With Your Continuous Louvres

Solar heat is reduced by up to 90% on glazed areas and the fully adjustable blades control the glare, privacy and outward vision.

All continuous louvres have rack arm sections that provide the structural integrity of the product and ensure reliable functionality in all weather conditions.

Book your installation with full confidence. We have a great deal of product knowledge and installation experience and will recommend the correct product configuration for your application. 

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The Maxim Louvre is designed to comply with AS1170.2 wind loading.

The Louvres can be operable by means of internal or external hand winders, or by an electronic actuator.

The Maxim Continuous Louvres come in 75mm or 85mm options and can be supplied in a large range of powder coated and anodised finishes.

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